光华高级中学对外公开课 关威

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Module 10 Unit 1

溧阳光华高级中学 对外公开课 阅读教学


Reading Building the future

Teaching aims:

1.Try to help Ss know something about the poverty in developing countries and the way to help them solve the problem.

2.Try to cultivate Ss’ abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

3.Help Ss master the reading strategy: understanding a title.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Introduction

Show the Ss some pictures to arouse their attention to the poor people.

Step 2 Skimming

Talk about the outline of argumentation.

Step 3 Silent reading

Ask students to read the passage carefully, trying to find out the main idea of each paragraph, finish the true or false questions and answer some questions.

Main idea of each paragraph:

1. The Live Aid concert organized by Bob Geldof.

2. Hunger is the number one global health risk.

3. The UN set up WFP to fight worldwide hunger.

4. Food aid alone is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

5. One way to help a country is to improve its infrastructure.

6. Another way to help a country is through the development of private enterprise along with job training.

7. The importance of the education and training for young people.

8. It’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.

Step 4 Comprehension

Ask students to finish the true or false questions and answer some questions.

1.Bob Geldof organized the charity concert to help war victims in Ethiopia.

2. According to the UN, ten million people die of hunger and malnutrition every year.

3. Food aid is a great program and it can surely help all the poor countries.

4. Development aid can help to improve a country’s infrastructure.

5. Children will one day take control of the future of developing countries.

6. To give a man a fish is the long-term solution to the problem of poverty.

Step 5 Reading strategy: understanding a title

Help students to master the reading strategy: understanding a title

Step 6 Summary

Ask students to fill in the blanks according to what they have learned form the passage.

The developing countries are now_______the problem of poverty. _______ to fight hunger, the UN and many stars are _______ to help people, such as ______money to make the public_____of the problem. It goes______ that it is of great _______, but not enough.

On my personal note, __________is the long-term solution to the problem. One way to help them is to _______,as it can help create more jobs , _________ people to ________others. Another way is to __________ in order to ___________ .

Finally, _________________(在任何时候都不能忽视教育的价值), as__________.

Step 8 Group discussion (oral writing)

Ask the students translate the topic into English by working in groups.


Step 9 Homework

Ask the students to finish the learning paper.

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